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Front-Line Physicians Stressed and Anxious at Work and Home

Amid the COVID-19 chaos in many hospitals, emergency medicine physicians in seven cities around the country experienced rising levels of anxiety and emotional exhaustion, regardless of the intensity of the local surge, according to a new analysis led by UCSF.

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Training Nurse Practitioners to Fill the Gap in Mental Health Care

To address a shortage in mental health providers, UCSF, in close collaboration with UC Davis and UCLA, is preparing to launch an online training program for psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, which aims to train 300 new mental health providers throughout the state by 2025.

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Can Technology Mend Our Broken Minds?

Scientists have documented the influence of information overload on attention, perception, memory, decision-making, and emotional regulation. But the same technologies contributing to the cognition crisis could help solve it, argues neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley.

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