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Lung Disease May Evade Diagnosis in Half of Heavy Smokers, Ex-Smokers

Approximately 50 percent of current and ex-smokers with normal lung function have chronic breathing symptoms and flare-ups that are similar to patients with a disease that is the nation’s third most common killer, according to a multisite study led by UCSF.

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Health Care Costs Drop Quickly After Smokers Quit

A new national analysis by UCSF of health care expenditures associated with smoking estimates that a 10 percent decline in smoking in the U.S. would be followed a year later by an estimated $63 billion reduction in total national health care costs.

For Breast Cancer Patients, Never Too Late To Quit Smoking

Documenting that it’s never too late to quit smoking, a large study of breast cancer survivors has found that those who quit smoking after their diagnosis had a 33% lower risk of death as a result of breast cancer than those who continued to smoke.

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Cutting Nicotine Key to Helping Smokers Quit

Two decades after a UCSF researcher proposed that reducing nicotine in cigarettes as a national regulatory policy might facilitate quitting, a new study he co-authored has added to a body of evidence that indicates that doing just that may accomplish this goal.

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