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Sensory Illusion Causes Cells to Self-Destruct

UCSF researchers has discovered that single-celled yeast have sensory biases that can be hacked by a carefully engineered illusion, a finding that could be used to develop new approaches to fighting diseases such as cancer.

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3 Ways Viruses Have Changed Science for the Better

A virus is nature’s efficient little killer. They’re really good at what they do, and we’ve been able to harness their skills to learn about – and potentially improve – human health in several ways.

Building Human Breast Tissue, Cell by Cell

Zev Gartner is working to building a fully functioning 3-D human breast tissue that will allow him to test potential cancer therapies, an innovation that's earned him a spot among Popular Science's "Brilliant 10" this year.

Antibody Network Partners With Celgene for Cancer Therapies

A new collaboration between Celgene Corp. and the Recombinant Antibody Network (RAN), a consortium comprising research groups from UCSF, the University of Chicago and the University of Toronto, will support the development of next-generation, antibody-based cancer therapies.

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Lessons From History To Improve Drug Ads For Consumers

In a perspective published by the New England Journal of Medicine, UCSF's Elizabeth Watkins shares a historical perspective of pharmaceutical advertising and proposes a new approach for educating consumers.