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Training Nurse Practitioners to Fill the Gap in Mental Health Care

To address a shortage in mental health providers, UCSF, in close collaboration with UC Davis and UCLA, is preparing to launch an online training program for psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, which aims to train 300 new mental health providers throughout the state by 2025.

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Radical Investment in San Francisco’s Future

UCSF sociologist Howard Pinderhughes, PhD, says insufficient housing, economic opportunity, and educational inequity stand in the way of a healthy San Francisco. Nevertheless, he believes there is room for optimism and the possibility for change.

Portrait of Howard Pinderhughes with blue skies, trees, and foliage in the background.

What Will Health Look Like in 2050?

No one can see the future, but that won’t stop us from trying. We asked UCSF faculty and alumni to score these predictions for likelihood and impact.

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Climate Change is a Health Crisis

Hurricane. Fires. Disease and allergen outbreaks. Heat waves. These climate-fueled events kill, they pack ERs, and they leave lingering legacies of toxic pollution, pulmonary complications, and post-traumatic stress – but they are just a glimpse of what’s to come unless the world makes an extraordinary course correction.

Portrait of Katherine Gundling in a doctor's white coat standing in front of a photo studio backdrop with a projection of a forest fire.

UCSF Incoming Class 2019: By the Numbers

This fall, UCSF welcomes over 900 new students. Check out an infographic highlighting some fun facts about this new crop of future clinicians and researchers.

935 new students. A group of new students walk across the Mission Bay quad.

AI4ALL Introduces Young Women to Data Science

Eighteen high school students, all young women, took part in the first cohort of UCSF AI4ALL, a program to promote greater diversity and inclusion in the field of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on applications to biomedicine.

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