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Physical Therapy Can Help Straighten a Hunched Back for Older People

A hunched back, called hyperkyphosis, affects 40 percent of people over age 65, and it increases disability and the risk of falls and fractures. A new study by UCSF researchers shows that targeted physical therapy can help straighten the spine and boost a patient’s self-esteem.

QMRI Sees Cartilage Damage Before It’s Too Late

Researchers at UCSF are pioneering a new technique, known as quantitative magnetic resonance imaging, or qMRI, that can reveal the earliest signs of cartilage damage, a precursor to osteoarthritis.

Concussion Rates Rising Significantly in Adolescents

The number of Americans diagnosed with concussions is growing, most significantly in adolescents. UCSF researchers recommend that adolescents be prioritized for ongoing work in concussion education, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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Study Puts More Natural Movement for Artificial Limbs within Reach

In new research that brings natural movement by artificial limbs closer to reality, UCSF scientists have shown that monkeys can learn simple brain-stimulation patterns that represent their hand and arm position, and can then make use of this information to precisely execute reaching maneuvers.

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