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Tweaked CRISPR in Neurons Gives Scientists New Power to Probe Brain Diseases

In a paper researchers describe a technique that uses a special version of CRISPR developed at UCSF to systematically alter the activity of genes in human neurons generated from stem cells, the first successful merger of stem cell-derived cell types and CRISPR screening technologies.

microscopic image of neurons

Mood Neurons Mature During Adolescence

A new study suggests that the human brain may maintain reserves of immature neurons throughout life, using these “Peter Pan” cells in a similar manner to the neurogenesis seen in other species

Immature amygdala neurons

Targeting the Microbiome Could Improve Parkinson’s Therapy

Research identifies enzymes produced by two different bacterial species that work together to digest L-Dopa in the human gut. Blocking one of these bacterial enzymes could significantly boost the drug’s efficacy in these patients.

To Boldly Go or Anxiously Hang Back?

UCSF research has identified a particular group of nerve cells in the brain that play an important role in anxiety’s influence over behavior.

Science image of VIP interneuron cells.