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Tobacco Vs. E-Cigarette Use Differs Among SF Public Schools

Eighty-eight percent of the e-cigarette waste collected was found at schools serving predominantly upper-income families with mostly white student populations. None were found at schools serving predominantly low- and middle-income families with large Latinx and African American populations.

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Using Facebook to Help Young Adults Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation intervention for young adults conducted on Facebook found smokers are 2.5 times more likely to quit with the Facebook-based treatment than if they were referred to an online program.

UNICEF 'Muted' on Tobacco Control for Children

The tobacco industry manipulated the renowned children’s rights agency UNICEF for more than a dozen years, from 2003 until at least 2016, during which time UNICEF’s focus on children’s rights to a tobacco-free life was reduced, according to previously secret documents uncovered by UCSF.

E-Cigarette Use Exposes Teens to Toxic Chemicals

Adolescents who smoke e-cigarettes are exposed to significant levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals also found in tobacco cigarettes, even when the e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine.