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UC Researchers Advise Healthy California for All Commission

Researchers at the University of California will serve as expert policy guides for the Healthy California for All Commission, which has been charged by the governor and state legislature with developing a path toward universal health coverage in California, including a possible single payer system.

california state capitol building

How a Single Blood Test May Provide a ‘Head-to-Toe’ Health Check

UCSF physician Peter Ganz and colleagues at Colorado-based SomaLogic Inc., are developing what they call “liquid health check” technology – a single blood test capable of painting a detailed portrait of a person’s current health and future disease risks.

Newborn Immune System Detects Harmful Skin Bacteria

UCSF scientists found that an early-life window of immune tolerance available to a normally harmless bacterial species is firmly closed to another, often pathogenic species — one that is a leading cause of drug-resistant skin infections in the U.S. and occasional source of “flesh-eating” necrosis. 

Science image of bacteria on skin surface taken up by immune cells

How the Brain Detects the Rhythms of Speech

Neuroscientists discovered how the listening brain scans speech to break it down into syllables. The findings provide for the first time a neural basis for the fundamental atoms of language and insights into our perception of the rhythmic poetry of speech. 

Electrode Array.