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Minorities Benefit Less from Regionalizing Heart Attack Care

California’s Black and Hispanic communities may be falling further behind whites in the quality of care they receive for heart attacks, despite recent medical efforts aimed at improving the standards of care for these populations, according to a new study led by researchers at UC San Francisco.

EMT taking stretchers through emergency room doors.

Climate Change Will Give Rise to More Cancers 

Climate change will bring an acute toll worldwide, with rising temperatures, wildfires and poor air quality, accompanied by higher rates of cancer, especially lung, skin and gastrointestinal cancers.

Smog over Los Angeles.

Axing the ACA Means Young Adults with Cancer Lose Coverage 

Researchers found that patients with a pediatric cancer who were protected under the ACA’s dependent coverage provision were more likely to remain on private insurance for longer durations compared to their older peers who turned 19 before the Act. 

stock images shows IV drip and pediatric patient in a hospital bed

Cancer Immunotherapy ‘Uniquely Suppressed’ by Liver Tumors

Though cancer immunotherapy has become a promising standard-of-care treatment – and in some cases, perhaps a cure – for a wide variety of different cancers, it doesn’t work for everyone, and researchers have increasingly turned their attention to understanding why.