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Resilience to ALS Due to Synaptic Safety Mechanism

UCSF researchers have identified a powerful self-corrective mechanism within synapses that is activated by neurodegeneration and acts to slow down disease progression in animal models of ALS.

spinal cord neurons in mice with ALS

More Steps Needed to Manage Current Care of Older Adults

The COVID-19 pandemic is a critical time to think about how best to manage the care of older adults, both for their sake and for the near- and longer-term costs and stresses to the health care system, according to a new commentary by a UCSF clinician.

Superfast Brain Circuit Slams the Brakes on Movement

A new UCSF study of patients with Parkinson’s disease has revealed a pathway that transmits signals very rapidly between two parts of the human brain to govern the complex act of halting a motion once it’s been initiated.