UCSF in 2019: What Are You Watching For in Health and Science?

Big ideas. Discoveries. Controversies. Social issues. The health headlines of 2018 captured our attention and impacted our lives in myriad ways.

So what's next in 2019, for UCSF and beyond? You tell us.

We asked the Twittersphere to let us know what they're keeping tabs on in the year ahead: How will the CRISPR babies case impact the future of gene editing? What research area is heating up, or woefully overlooked? What diseases are on the cusp of a treatment breakthough, or even a cure? Where in public policy do we need to push harder, to ensure equal health access for all?

Read some of the great responses we got from leaders, researchers and clinicians throughout the UCSF community. And don't forget to keep the conversation going!
















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