UCSF Incoming Class 2018: By the Numbers

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There are 906 new students in the fall 2018 entering class, and 65 percent of them are female.

Sixty-two percent of new students are California residents, and about 49 percent were born in California. Twenty-seven percent are the first generation in their families to graduate college; 45 percent are the first generation in their families to attend graduate school.

The student whose hometown is farthest from UCSF comes from Kenya. Eleven percent of the new students are international students. The new students born outside of the United States come from 30 different countries and five different continents.

The birth year of the youngest of the new students is 1998. The most common first name is Sarah (7 students), followed by Rachel, Michelle and Jessica (5 students each).

The most common alma maters are UC Berkeley (93), UCLA (74), UC Davis (66), UC San Diego (38), UC Irvine (26), and Stanford University (14).

The source of this data is the UCSF Office of the Registrar and Office of Institutional Research.