New Surplus Share System Allows Departments to Trade Resources

UC San Francisco has launched Surplus Share, a new and exclusive online trading system that connects UC departments with each other to trade, sell or give away equipment, furniture and other supplies.

This new service, which began Aug. 26, delivers another option for departments to save money and be green. 

Here's how the program works:

  1. Access the Surplus Share catalog online.
  2. Shop or select an item.
  3. Contact the department seller via User ID (UC e-mail address).
  4. Include the seller’s listing number or title of their item, and your offer (trade or purchase price) into the body of your e-mail message.
  5. Complete the transaction directly with the seller.

Surplus Share is easy to use. UC department users can create a free, online account and begin listing and browsing items to trade, sell, or give away.

Quick Facts About the Surplus Share Program

  • Surplus Share is designed for department use only.

  • Surplus Share is an additional option, not intended to replace or eliminate any other surplus methods currently being employed by a department.

  • Users must have a valid UCSF e-mail address to post on the Surplus Share site.

  • Financial transactions are not managed on this site.

  • All transactions between parties occur outside the Surplus Share site (e.g. journal entry).

  • Departments at other UCs will be able to view items on the Surplus Share site. While initially they will not be able to post items, other UCs can still e-mail UC San Francisco departments regarding items they no longer need.

Campus Moving Services

For added convenience, Distribution, Storage & Mail can provide moving services between surplus, office or lab. For more information about UCSF Moving Services, please visit the Campus Life Services website.