New Chef at Mission Bay Showcases Diversity, Sustainability on Menu

The menu at the Pub and Conference Center at the UCSF Mission Bay campus now features a new selection of entrees.

The UCSF Mission Bay campus has welcomed a new chef to shape the daily menus at the Pub and the Mission Bay Conference Center located inside the Rutter Center.

Executive Chef John Finley

Executive Chef John Finley

Executive Chef John Finley, who joined the culinary team in December, aims to cater to UCSF’s ethnically diverse population with specialties in Turkish, Moroccan, South American and Central American cuisines. And as a native of Louisiana, he also brings his southern background with traditional creole and Cajun dishes.

With more than three years as executive sous-chef at the Oakland Coliseum, Finley has delighted the palates of many high-profile guests from the sports industry and catering to large crowds there.

Finley is committed to taking advantage of the wealth of local produce in the Bay Area to inspire wholesome and delicious meals for the faculty, staff and students at the Mission Bay campus, as well as those attending meetings at the Conference Center.

If you haven’t dined at the Pub or attended a conference or event lately, now is a great time to come back and see what’s on the menu!

For more information about dining at the Mission Bay Conference Center, contact Megan McCabe Noonan.