UCSF, King's Health Partners-London Announce Faculty Exchange

Continuing a partnership that began in 2009, King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre in London and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) are working together on joint opportunities for collaboration in areas such as student and faculty exchange, online education and training, curriculum development, cooperative research and open data exchange.

As part of this effort, the two institutions recently announced the launch of the UCSF/King’s Health Partners Faculty Fellowship Travel Grant, a faculty exchange program designed to further medical research and research-enabling collaborations. The award will support clinical and translational investigators involved in seeking new methods to advance research, fostering collaborations with long-term potential, and other related activities.

“We know from the few UCSF faculty who have spent time at King’s Health Partners in the past that the exchange can be rejuvenating and lead to more creative research, and the same is certainly true for their faculty coming here,” said S. Claiborne “Clay” Johnston, MD, PhD, associate vice chancellor of research and director of UCSF’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). “It’s great that we can now offer this opportunity to more researchers.”

The fellowships, which will include two participants from each institution annually, are open to faculty from UCSF and its Affiliates. Awardees will receive funding of up to $30,000 for a stay of at least three months. The first two UCSF fellows will be supported by CTSI, and future support will come from the office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

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