Votes Sought to Support Tree Planting on Mount Sutro

National Odwalla Contest Ends May 31

Members of the UCSF community are asked to show their support of the UCSF Sutro Seed Propagation Area and the Sutro Steward's volunteer program in a national contest to win a $10,000 grant from Odwalla for a tree-planting project.

Cast a Vote for Trees

Please take a minute to cast your vote for the UCSF and Sutro Stewards tree-planting project at the Odwalla website.
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The program is currently in 11th place nationwide and has to finish in the top 10 to bring the money to San Francisco, says Craig Dawson, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Sutro Stewards, which works with UCSF to maintain and improve the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.

"Our project is unique and hugely beneficial to the long-term health and sustainability of the UCSF Mount Sutro Open Space and the surrounding Parnassus campus and Aldea Student Housing," says Dawson, a longtime member of the UCSF Community Advisory Group.

The grant will be used to buy trees that are among dwindling natives that once covered the San Miguel Hills in the center of San Francisco. The Sutro Stewards will plant these trees, then use the seed and cuttings from them for propagation in the UCSF Sutro Seed Propagation Area. The stock that is grown will be reintroduced in the open space areas on campus.

The competition ends on Thursday, May 31.

The Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve is a peaceful retreat area in the midst of San Francisco homes, businesses and the UCSF Parnassus Heights campus. UCSF is committed to maintaining the reserve as a resource for San Franciscans and takes seriously its responsibility to keep the site safe and accessible.