Chancellor Welcomes Ideas on How UCSF Can Achieve its Vision

UCSF leaders are taking the final step in developing a three-year plan to guide the University through 2015 and they welcome feedback from the campus community on achieving the vision and goals.

UCSF’s 2014-2015 Plan, which outlines the vision, mission, goals and strategies, is posted on a new website

The website captures the plan presented by Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, during her State of the University Address on Oct. 4.

Now the UCSF leadership team has begun to develop the tactics, the final — and most important and tangible — piece of the plan.

“These tactics are high-impact, enterprise-wide initiatives with specific deliverables that will bring us closer to achieving our goals and realizing our vision of becoming the world's preeminent health sciences innovator,” Desmond-Hellmann said in an email on Dec. 7. “We need the combined effort of our entire organization to achieve our vision and goals.”

Chancellor Shares Vision for UCSF to Become World’s Preeminent Health Sciences Innovator

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Faculty, staff and students who have specific ideas for a project or initiative to achieve the vision and goals can submit them on the ideas page. Ideas can be submitted for each strategy by using the drop down tabs.

The Chancellor's Executive Cabinet (CEC) will approve a final list of tactics by March 31, 2012. These tactics will then be communicated to the campus. Progress towards them will be tracked by the CEC on a regular basis and the chancellor will share updates through this plan website and other communication channels.

“Long-term planning is critical to UCSF’s continued success as it provides a clear roadmap for the entire organization for where we are going and how we will get there,” she said. “Together, with our accomplishments of this past year and our plans for the future, we are making a difference in the lives of our patients and our community and that is something for which we can all be very proud.”