Chancellor Outlines Three-Year Plan for UCSF

By Lisa Cisneros

UCSF Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann began her State of the University address on Oct. 4 by thanking all members of the campus community, particularly applauding staff for their work making UCSF a great university.


UCSF Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH, today (Oct. 4) delivered the State of the University address unveiling a new vision for UCSF — to be the world's preeminent health sciences innovator.

State of the University Transcript

During a speech that was streamed live on the web from Cole Hall Auditorium, Desmond-Hellmann outlined a three-year plan for the University that builds on the 2007 strategic plan and reflects UCSF's long-held values of patient care, health sciences research, teaching and public service.

The action plan reflects UCSF's immediate priorities in the current environment and directly addresses the most pressing challenges, she said. The focus over the next three years, Desmond-Hellmann said, is creating an environment in which staff, faculty, students and patients thrive.

In her third year as chancellor, Desmond-Hellmann and her leadership team, created the plan that spells out five major goals to serve as a roadmap through 2014-2015. These goals, which map to her top priorities as chancellor, are:

  • Provide unparalleled care to our patients
  • Improve health through innovative science
  • Attract and support the most talented and diverse trainees in the health sciences
  • Be the workplace of choice for diverse, top-tier talent
  • Create a financially sustainable enterprisewide business model


A full story and the video highlights of her address will be posted on on Friday, Oct. 7.

Photo by Susan Merrell

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