UCSF Unveils Centralized Calendar Webpage


The home page of UCSF.edu now features access to a centralized online calendar webpage to keep the UCSF community informed about the many events and activities happening at various locations.

The new online calendars webpage brings together the Academic Calendar, Classroom Schedule Calendar, the Student Inside Guide, and UCSF Events Calendar, as well as the newly created Featured Academic Events calendar.  

The Featured Academic Events calendar showcase seminars, visiting faculty, guest lecturers and academic career planning programs, all of which are open to all faculty, students and staff.   The UCSF community is encouraged to utilize this new calendar to publicize all academic events. 

Adding a centralized UCSF calendar is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to improve UCSF’s use of web and digital communications, including social media.  

The centralized calendar webpage was spearheaded by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, in collaboration with Student Academic Affairs and University Relations.  The initiative is in response to feedback regarding availability of information regarding academic events as well as a need for additional options to promote events (in an attempt to reduce broadcast email messages).