University Community Partnerships Council Seeks UCSF Member

The University Community Partnerships Council (UCP), which serves as UCSF’s institutional group to foster community partnerships, is seeking a member of the campus community to serve a two-year term on the council.

UCP serves as a bridge between UCSF and the community, emphasizing partnerships that value and respect the assets and diversity of both.

The UCP office supports the myriad community partnerships that exist at UCSF by incubating new initiatives and helping to overcome institutional barriers impeding civic engagement.

UCSF faculty, staff and students are encouraged to apply for the council seat. Staff members must discuss with and obtain approval from their supervisor to join the council.

Candidates must meet established criteria to be considered eligible to fill the vacant seat. These include demonstrated experience working in a university-community partnership or collaboration.

Council members are expected to attend monthly meetings, actively participate on a committee, assume leadership roles, and respond to email communication.

For more information, please visit the UCP website and click on “How to Join the Council.” Nominations will be accepted until Thursday, August 12.

Those who have questions should contact Wylie Liu, UCP director, at 415/476 9122 or Naomi Wortis, faculty co-director, at 415/206-6960.

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