UCSF Hires Sustainability Manager

Gail Lee

Gail Lee, who is a certified green building professional and a registered environmental health specialist, has been hired as the new sustainability manager at UCSF.

Lee has experience in environmental work with the County of San Mateo and Mills Peninsula Health Services. Most recently, she served as the sustainable operation manager for the multiple international sites of AutoDesk. 

Lee was a founding member of the Practice GreenHealth NorCal chapter. She is a certified health care environmental manager and a registered dietitian. Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a master’s degree in Environmental Management.

Lee’s work will be guided by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability, which is charged with examining UCSF’s effect on the environment from a comprehensive perspective; evaluating existing UCSF policies, procedures, and/or programs that affect the environment; serving as a coordinating body for groups or individuals concerned with sustainability issues at UCSF; and recommending to the chancellor changes that will increase sustainability at UCSF.

Lee will be a member of the UCSF Sustainability Steering Committee, which works to implement and increase the University’s sustainability efforts. Her duties at UCSF include:

  • Serving as the visionary leader and organizational strategist to help UCSF become a national model for sustainability in academic health sciences;
  • Providing thoughtful leadership, creativity, and an experienced perspective on matters related to sustainability;
  • Evaluating the needs of the university community and leading the development and implementation of a UCSF Sustainability Plan to enhance UCSF as a world-renowned health sciences university;
  • Enabling the UCSF Sustainability Steering Committee and associated work groups to achieve their goals through coordination, guidance, and support;
  • Creating visibility for UCSF’s sustainability efforts within and outside of the UCSF community through publicity, promotion and effective communication.

“I am very excited about joining the UCSF staff in this position,” Lee said. “I have a passion for the environment and recognize from my experience in health care, business, and government, that large educational institutions must take bold steps to address global climate change and show strong leadership for businesses and the community. 

“I am particularly interested in helping health care institutions, known for their 24/7 operations and large waste-generating activities, reduce their environmental impact.  The sustainability manager position at UCSF offers both challenges.”

Lee says she hopes to lead UCSF to meet or exceed the University’s goals of zero waste by 2020, 1990 greenhouse gas emission levels by 2020, and climate neutrality as soon as possible. 

“I recognize that the University is in the midst of hard fiscal times and I look forward to helping UCSF reduce costs while improving its environmental footprint,” Lee added. “One of my main objectives is to establish a comprehensive and transparent sustainability management system to track and share our progress. Another objective is to develop a robust and engaging website for the staff and student community to share ideas and information. ” 

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