UCSF Children's Hospital to honor transplant patients at "circus" picnic

By Kate Vidinsky

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  Pediatric liver and kidney transplant services at UCSF Children’s Hospital are among the oldest children’s transplant services in the United States. Children have received transplanted kidneys at UCSF since 1964 and transplanted livers since 1989. UCSF pediatric specialists and transplant surgeons offer leading edge therapies and care for children with failing organs throughout their lives.

One of the nation’s top children’s hospitals, UCSF Children’s Hospital creates an environment where children and their families find compassionate care at the healing edge of scientific discovery, with more than 150 experts in 50 medical specialties serving patients throughout Northern California and beyond. The hospital admits about 5,000 children each year, including 2,000 babies born in the hospital. Medi-Cal patients constitute more than half of the hospital’s patient population.