Final Week to Join AIDS Walk San Francisco

Christine Franklin looks for the name of her brother, who died of AIDS in 1992, on an AIDS quilt at AIDS Walk San Francisco last year.

UCSF teams are rallying their friends, family members and colleagues to support AIDS Walk San Francisco, which is slated for Sunday, July 19.

AIDS Walk San Francisco is a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) walkathon that benefits the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, in addition to several other local AIDS service organizations, including the UCSF AIDS Health Project and the Lesbian Health & Research Center at UCSF.

The event starts at 9 a.m. with check-in at the UCSF tables in Mothers’ Meadow at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. An opening ceremony starts at 9:45 a.m.; walkers will hit the pavement at 10:30 a.m. More information about the event is posted on the AIDS Walk San Francisco website.

It’s not too late for members of the campus community to get involved by donating a few dollars to or joining a UCSF team of their choice. To date, 12 teams are vying to raise the most money to win the coveted UCSF AIDS Walk Trophy, a bronzed running shoe worn by outgoing Chancellor Mike Bishop, MD.

Faculty, staff, students and trainees can go to this AIDS Walk San Francisco webpage to join one of the following UCSF teams:

  • UCSF AIDS Health Project (Team 1573), led by Rebecca Gitlin
  • UCSF Campus (Team 0094), led by Lisa Cisneros
  • UCSF Campus Life Services (Team 1420), led by Jennifer Dowd
  • UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (Team 1597), led by Leslie Taylor
  • UCSF CMCN (Team 1981), led by Octavio Nevarez
  • UCSF Global Health Sciences (Team 7930), led by Robert Mansfield
  • UCSF Graduate Division (Team 0096), led by Julia Clark
  • UCSF Residents and Clinical Fellows (Team 9921), led by Amy Day
  • UCSF School of Medicine (Team 0091), led by Edgar Micua
  • UCSF School of Nursing (Team 1632), led by Emily Huang
  • UCSF School of Pharmacy (Team 0093), led by Jeffrey Kaminski
  • San Francisco General Hospital (Team 9505), led by Regina Glass

Last year, the UCSF contingent raised more than $53,000 and ranked 10th among the AIDS Walk San Francisco Gold Teams.

“UCSF is proud to be among the top 10 teams to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and other community-based organizations which work to develop groundbreaking prevention programs, set bold policy initiatives and promote health in the community,” said Barbara J. French, associate vice chancellor of University Relations.

But this year, UCSF is lacking the participation and donations it has seen in previous walks. So far, the numbers of walkers and funds raised are far below what UCSF has seen in the past, which is undoubtedly due to the national recession.

“This continues to be a difficult year in terms of the economy and the impact the downturn has had on all of us,” French said in an email to the campus community on July 1. “However, if you are able to participate in this year’s AIDS Walk, your involvement would make a difference and be greatly appreciated.”

Those who participate in AIDS Walk San Francisco will receive a free T-shirt especially designed for this year’s trek, as well as a complimentary breakfast and lunch. This year’s menu is being catered by J&V Catering Company of San Francisco.

The continental breakfast includes an assortment of artisan pastries, breakfast breads and Noah’s bagels served with cream cheese and preserves, whole fresh bananas, oranges and apples, Starbucks coffee and tea service, and bottled water. Box lunch items include a choice of fresh chicken breast, oven-roasted turkey, pastrami, ham, roast beef, roasted eggplant and vegetable sandwiches, served with chips and a cookie as well as bottled sodas and water.

Photo by Susan Merrell