Laurel Heights Exhibits Art by Women Artists

UCSF Laurel Heights is showcasing the PICASSA exhibit, which features 21 works of art created by 12 women artists who work at Laurel Heights. An acronym derived from the media presented in this exhibit, PICASSA stands for paintings, installation, collage, artifacts, sewn works, a script and art. Included in this exhibit is a scientific formula for desire, something no one wants to miss. The exhibit of artwork, funded in part by the UCSF Performing Arts Fund, is on display now through Sept. 21 in sublevel 1 of the building located at 3333 California Street. The artists are Rebecca Maroney, Kimberly Bissell, Carrie Yakura Mitchell, Sally Adams, Julie Berlin, Fay Chang, Chelsea Nelson, Tina Paul Mulye, Malena Ramos, Jenny Lam, Alinda Norvang and Twinkle Patel. The campus community is invited to a reception honoring the artists and their art on Thursday, April 23, from 4 to 6 p.m. The event will feature live music by campus musicians Lydia Derugin and Ruby Ghadially, MD. Since the reception falls on the birthday of William Shakespeare, a recitation of the Bard’s words on art will also occur. The PICASSA exhibit is the brainchild of Berlin, one of the artists. “Art, like science, allows for ideas to be shared, discussed, researched, challenged and changed,” she says. “The purpose of this exhibit is to create an opportunity for the UCSF community to strengthen itself by connecting members with one another through engagement in art.” Berlin, curator of this exhibit, worked at UCSF from 2000 to 2004. Having returned to UCSF in winter 2008, it was only a matter of time before she proposed her idea to the Performing Arts Fund for an exhibit; she then received a modest sum to proceed with planning. Berlin currently studies ceramic sculpture at City College of San Francisco and exhibits regularly at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery on Sacramento Street and in solo and group shows. Her work is in private collections in San Francisco, Atherton, Sonoma, New York, Atlanta and Germany.