Alert: UCSF Children's Hospital reports fundraising scam

By Kate Vidinsky

UCSF Children’s Hospital wants to alert the public to a fundraising scam that has been brought to its attention.

The hospital has received reports of young people going door-to-door in San Francisco neighborhoods soliciting donations for UCSF Children’s Hospital through the sale of books. The solicitors appear to be college-age and are selling the books for around $40 each.  The young people may claim to be students representing UCSF Children’s Hospital, and also may report being affiliated with a company called World Wide Circulation.

UCSF Children’s Hospital is in no way affiliated with this group, nor does it ever solicit donations in this manner, according to Roxanne Fernandes, the hospital’s executive director. She emphasizes that any money given to these individuals is not going to UCSF Children’s Hospital.

Anyone approached by individuals making this type of solicitation is asked to report the incident to the UCSF Police Department at 415-476-1414.