UCSF's Aging Brain Research Featured in Wall Street Journal

As the healthy brain ages, it undergoes subtle changes that affect memory. UCSF’s Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, a neurologist in the UCSF Memory and Aging Center and director of the UCSF Neuroscience Imaging Center, is at the forefront in teasing out what these changes are at the level of the brain’s neurons. As reported in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal, he’s making progress.

Fueled by their findings, Gazzaley and his colleagues are also investigating strategies for remediating these changes through both mental training exercises and pharmaceutical treatments.

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Age-Related Top-Down Suppression Deficit in the Early Stages of Cortical Visual Memory Processing

Adam Gazzaley, Wesley Clapp, Jon Kelley, Keven McEvoy, Robert T. Knight and Mark D’Esposito

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  September 2, 2008 105(35):13122-13126

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