UC Employee Compensation Made Available to Public

As part of the University's obligation to be transparent and publicly accountable for its conduct, UC will disclose the compensation of all faculty and staff for 2006-2007. The 2006-2007 payroll data will be placed in campus libraries and made available for review upon request. This information has also been requested by, and delivered to, the San Francisco Chronicle under the California Public Records Act. To help explain this information, an analysis of the data has been posted here. The 2006-2007 report mirrors last year's payroll disclosure and is consistent with the Kozberg-Hertzberg Task Force recommendations regarding the public reporting of employee compensation information that were adopted in 2006. While some employees may regard this as an intrusion of privacy, it is important to remember that UC is a public institution, and as such, employee compensation is considered a public record under the California Public Records Act. This is outlined in the staff personnel policy in Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 80(C). "Information which is public information and which should be released upon request includes name, date of hire, current position title, current salary, organizational unit assignment, date of separation, office address and office telephone number, current job description, full-time or part-time, and appointment type." The academic personnel policy, Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 160-20(b)(4) (PDF), states that any "non-personal" information "is public information and is available upon request to any person or entity without limitation." It defines "non-personal" academic personnel information as including name, date of hire or separation, current position title, and current rate of pay. Many other public institutions follow this practice as a matter of course, and it is the view of the Regents that the University of California must follow suit, UC officials say.