360: The Positive Care Center at UCSF Featured on KFOG's Fogfiles

On KFOG's Fogfiles, host Peter Finch introduces a 48-year-old San Francisco man who has been HIV-positive for 24 years, and discusses work in the area of aging and HIV being done by Malcolm John, MD, MPH, and his staff at 360: The Positive Care Center at UCSF. 360 at UCSF is about comprehensive care for the whole person. The name, 360, reflects the degrees in a circle - the full circle of care - to highlight an emphasis on comprehensive services for those living with HIV/AIDS. It also represents a journey from health to illness to health again for many patients. Importantly, 360 represents a wide view of all aspects of HIV/AIDS care and research that drives a commitment to develop innovative solutions to bringing all living with HIV/AIDS into optimal care and providing them the tools to maintain wellness. Living with HIV presents challenges. Yet, medical advancements and greater understanding of the infection presents opportunities for maintaining health. Many people with HIV are living longer; we must make that a reality for all infected with the virus. 360 is committed to meet the growing needs of patients at all socioeconomic levels, including addressing issues related to HIV and aging. 360 at UCSF also is dedicated to addressing disparities in HIV care among African Americans within the greater context of living longer with HIV. 360's Men of Color Program provides culturally sensitive care focused on bringing African American men to optimal health. "Red Hot Jazz!", the third annual Wings of Hope gala benefit for 360, will be held Thursday, October 25th, at Gallery One, 1 Embarcadero Center, in celebration of 360's 23 years of service to San Francisco's HIV community. Related Links: Aging with HIV Peter Finch's Fogfiles, KFOG-FM, September 17, 2007 360: The Positive Care Center at UCSF Wings of Hope: Red Hot Jazz! Fundraiser for 360: The Positive Care Center at UCSF