UC Revises Academic Policies Related to Diversity, Equal Opportunity

UC has revised three sections in the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) to implement the University's commitment to diversity and equal opportunity. One important change says that faculty review committees should consider a candidate's contributions to diversity and equal opportunity as factors in an appointment, promotion or performance evaluation. The others make deans, provosts and department chairs more accountable for implementing affirmative action plans. All the academic policy changes become effective on Friday, July 1, 2005. Specifically, the APM sections being revised are: APM - 210-1-d Instructions to Review Committees Which Advise on Actions in the Professor and Corresponding Series: Provides that teaching, research and public service that promote diversity and equal opportunity are to be encouraged and given recognition in the evaluation of a candidate's qualifications. This section now states that criteria for appointment, promotion and appraisal of faculty candidates can include "contributions to diversity and equal opportunity." These contributions can take various forms such as efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service that addresses the needs of California's diverse population or research in a scholar's areas of expertise that highlights inequalities. To read the entire section in the manual, go here (pdf). APM - 240 Deans and Provosts: Provides that Deans and Provosts are responsible for an affirmative action program consistent with University policies. For more information, go here (pdf). APM - 245 (Appendix A) Department Chairs: Provides that a department chair is responsible for maintaining a climate hospitable to diversity and for maintaining a department affirmative action program. For more on this section, go here (pdf).