Seed Funding for Prostate Cancer Research

UCSF and UC Berkeley researchers, fellows, residents and junior faculty with outstanding ideas who want to join the fight against prostate cancer may apply for $30,000 to $75,000 in funding from the Developmental Research Program. The deadline is April 6. The program attracts scientists and clinical investigators to the field of prostate cancer and assists in the development of careers in the field of prostate cancer. The program encourages collaborations between investigators with diverse talents and is designed to enhance and expand the current research program. Funding is available for postdoctoral fellows, residents and junior faculty through the Career Development Program. The awards will be made through the UCSF Developmental Research Program for prostate cancer administered by the UCSF Department of Urology. Now in its seventh year, the program encourages basic scientists and clinical investigators seriously committed to developing new approaches to prevention and treatment of prostate cancer to submit applications. Established investigators wishing to pursue prostate cancer research may apply for funding through the Prostate Cancer Developmental Research Grant Program. The Career Development and Developmental Research Grant programs are evaluated in conjunction by the steering committee. Targeted research areas include, but are not limited to: development of new preventive agents; pilot studies in prevention; identification of genetic risk factors; scientific studies on the basic causes of prostate cancer and progression; novel methods for more accurately staging prostate cancer; new prognostic markers; more sensitive markers for distinguishing between local and systemic recurrence; novel treatments; novel approaches to prevention and treatment of hormone-independent prostate cancer; novel approaches to prevention and treatment of bone metastases; and health-related quality-of-life and patient decision-making studies. Grants will be made for up to one year, and may be renewable. Awardees will present their results at the annual UCSF Prostate Cancer Center retreat and submit progress reports at six months and upon completion of the project. For more information, contact Malinda Walker, program administrator, at 415/885-7723 or via email.