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New Moms Who Express Milk by Hand Breastfeed Longer, UCSF Study Finds

July 19, 2011 New mothers who practice expressing their breast milk by hand during the first days following their child’s birth are more likely to still be nursing two months later than mothers who use an electric breast pump, according to findings from a new study led by researchers at UCSF.

Traumatic Brain Injury More Than Doubles Dementia Risk

July 19, 2011 Patients diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) had over twice the risk of developing dementia within seven years after diagnosis compared to those without TBI, in a study of more than 280,000 older veterans conducted by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and UCSF.

Over Half of Alzheimer's Cases May Be Preventable, Say Researchers

July 19, 2011 Over half of all Alzheimer’s disease cases could potentially be prevented through lifestyle changes and treatment or prevention of chronic medical conditions, according to a study led by Deborah Barnes, PhD, a mental health researcher at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

UCSF Receives $112 Million to Help Translate Science into Cures

July 18, 2011 A UCSF institute aimed at accelerating the pace of translating science into real-life solutions for patients has received $112 million from the National Institutes of Health to expand its work over the next five years.

UCSF Confirms First Known Adenovirus to Jump Between Monkeys and Humans

July 14, 2011 A novel virus that spread through a California monkey colony in late 2009 also infected a human researcher and a family member, UCSF researchers have found, the first known example of an adenovirus “jumping” from one species to another and remaining contagious after the jump.

UCSF Professor Dies in Campus Shuttle Bus Accident

July 14, 2011 Kevin Mack, an associate professor in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, was killed today in a UCSF shuttle bus collision with a semi-trailer in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley.

Media Advisory: Smoking in the Movies

July 13, 2011 New findings published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitoring the movie industry’s progress toward the international public health goal of eliminating smoking from youth-rated films.

Gladstone to Receive $5.6 Million in Federal Funds to Seek a Cure for AIDS

July 12, 2011 The UCSF-affiliated Gladstone Institutes will receive funds totaling $5.6 million over five years as part of the first-ever major funding initiative focusing on HIV eradication.

NIH Supports New Research Strategy for Finding a Cure for HIV

July 11, 2011 An international team led by researchers from UCSF and the nonprofit Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Port St. Lucie, Fla., has received a major grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop a strategy to eradicate HIV from the body.

New UC Grants Promote Team Approach to Improving Patient Care

July 11, 2011 UCSF researchers will play key roles in several newly funded projects that foster collaborations across UC's academic medical centers to identify ways to deliver better health care and safer treatment for patients.

UCSF Team Describes Genetic Basis of Rare Human Diseases

July 08, 2011 Researchers at UCSF and in Michigan, North Carolina and Spain have discovered how genetic mutations cause a number of rare human diseases, which include Meckel syndrome, Joubert syndrome and several other disorders.

Heart Disease and Stroke Worldwide Tied to National Income

July 07, 2011 An analysis of heart disease and stroke statistics collected in 192 countries by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that the relative burden of the two diseases varies widely from country to country and is closely linked to national income, according to researchers at UCSF.

UCSF Medical Center Program Cuts Heart Failure Readmission Rate By 30 Percent

July 06, 2011 UCSF Medical Center has reduced hospital readmissions for older heart failure patients by nearly a third, thanks to a program designed to identify ways for hospitals to improve patients' transitions to their homes.

Customize Starting Age and Frequency of Mammograms

July 05, 2011 Mammograms should not be done on a one-size fits all basis, but instead should be personalized based on a woman’s age, the density of her breasts, her family history of breast cancer and other factors including her own values, according to a new study.

Study Debunks Autism as a Primarily Genetic Disorder

July 05, 2011 A rigorous study of nearly 400 twins has shown that environmental factors have been underestimated, and genetics overestimated, for their roles in autism-spectrum disorders.