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UCSF Offers Fifth Year of Faculty Leadership Collaborative

October 01, 2010 The Chancellor’s Council on Faculty Life is again sponsoring the UCSF Faculty Leadership Collaborative, a leadership development program that offers faculty members an opportunity to network with colleagues across the University.

UCSF Medical Leaders Tackle Education Reform

September 20, 2010 UCSF students are benefitting from the wisdom of some of the nation’s leading medical educators in shaping their training to be more relevant for the ever-evolving landscape.

UC Appoints Associate Vice Provost for UC Education Abroad Program

August 13, 2010 Jean-Xavier Guinard, previously a professor at UC Davis, has been named associate vice provost and executive director of the UC Education Abroad Program.

UCSF Masters Program in Global Health Sciences Popularity Surges

August 11, 2010 Eighteen students recently graduated from a program designed to prepare students and practitioners for leadership careers in international health policy, health care, and health research and development.

UC Vice President Issues Statement on State Budget

August 06, 2010 UC Vice President Patrick Lenz issued a statement on Aug. 4 about the latest budget proposal from state Assembly and Senate Democrats that keeps funding of higher education exactly the same as what Gov. Schwarzenegger is proposing. Read the entire statement on the UC website.

UCSF Chancellor Breathes Life into Priorities with Launch of Website

July 28, 2010 Today UCSF is launching a new website to highlight news and information from and about UCSF Chancellor Sue Desmond-Hellmann.

UCSF Sees 300% Rise in Federal Financial Aid Funds

July 16, 2010 More funding will be available this year to support UCSF students from socio- or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, as a result of a 300 percent increase in federal funding for Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) program for the upcoming school year.

Brain fitness program study reveals visual memory improvement in older adults

July 14, 2010 A commercial brain fitness program has been shown to improve memory in older adults, at least in the period soon after training. The findings are the first to show that practicing simple visual tasks can improve the accuracy of short-term, or “working” visual memory.

UCSF Launches Doctoral Program in Epidemiology & Translational Science

July 14, 2010 UCSF is accepting applications up to August 1 for the kick-off of a new Doctoral Program in Epidemiology and Translational Science this fall.

SFFD to Offer Neighborhood Emergency Response Training at UCSF

June 28, 2010 Faculty, staff, students and trainees can sign up to be trained as citizen first responders in the Neighborhood Emergency Response Training session at UCSF Mission Bay in July.

UC Initiative Aims to Increase Faculty Diversity in Health Sciences

June 03, 2010 UCSF’s Renee Navarro and Amy Levine, both champions of diversity, played pivotal roles in the recent UC Diversity Pipeline Initiative, which encourages female students to pursue careers as faculty in the health sciences.

Students Get Look Inside UCSF

May 25, 2010 Undergraduate students from as far away as Fresno came to UCSF recently for an inside look at one of the nation’s best graduate schools.

UCSF Celebrates Commencement 2010

May 20, 2010 Graduation season is in full swing at UCSF with commencement ceremonies that continue next month for the schools of dentistry and nursing.

Two to Watch: UCSF's Basic Science Training for PhD's Attracts Risk Takers, Independent Thinkers

May 19, 2010 They are intellectually fearless and a bit unorthodox. They form a crazy quilt of undergraduate majors, birthplaces, interests, and experiences. Read the story about UCSF's graduate students on the UCSF School of Pharmacy website.

UCSF Offers Online "Foundations of Diversity" Course

May 18, 2010 Faculty and staff managers and supervisors are encouraged to take a new online course to expand their knowledge and understanding of diversity issues and laws.