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Project Overview

The proposed Mount Zion Parking Garage will provide additional parking in the neighborhood, alleviating pressure on neighborhood street parking. The garage will also offer welcome relief to the large number of patients who travel to UCSF from outside of San Francisco—68 percent of inpatients and 45 percent of outpatients—as well as patients who are not able to walk several blocks from remote parking due to compromised health or mobility problems.

The new parking garage will include:

  • 222 parking spaces, with 75 allotted for patients and visitors and 25 percent for healthcare providers
  • Preferential parking for carpool and electric vehicles, with charging stations provided
  • 22 disabled access parking spaces, representing 10 percent of total spaces
  • Bicycle and motorcycle parking

As an added benefit to patients, visitors and UCSF employees, the Transportation Demand Management Office, located in the garage, will:

  • Offer information about alternative transit programs and give staff, faculty, and students one-on-one assistance through the Campus Rideshare Coordinator
  • Offer information about pre-tax transit incentives for public transit, UCSF vanpools, and UCSF commute clubs
  • Sell Clipper Cards and BART tickets, as well as provide information about buying them online
  • Issue UCSF bicycle permits

The new garage will have an entrance and exit on Sutter Street, and will have an underground connection to the garage at 1701 Divisidero Street. The parking rate will be $6 per hour, with a disincentive for all-day parking to help ensure that there are available spaces as patients and visitors arrive throughout the day.

Meeting Presentations, Agendas, and Other Documentation

Please see the links below for information about the agenda and presentations from the past community meetings.

UCSF Mt. Zion Garage Initial Study Announcement

December 8, 2010 Scoping Meeting

June 22, 2010 Community Meeting

November 18, 2010 Community Meeting

UCSF Mt. Zion Parking Garage Draft Environmental Impact Review

UCSF Mt. Zion Parking Garage Draft Environmental Impact Review Appendix

Proposed Mount Zion Parking Garage Environmental Review Process

The environmental impact report (EIR) scoping meeting, held on December 8th, 2010, provided an opportunity for the community to discuss the scope and content of the environmental information they expected to see included in the Draft EIR. This allowed UCSF to learn about potential concerns early, as well as further define the issues, feasible alternatives, and potential mitigation measures that may warrant in-depth analysis in the environmental review process. This meeting was not required by law.

The Draft EIR was published on January 3rd, 2011 and was followed by a 45-day public comment period which included a public hearing on January 26th, 2011. The public comment period for this document has ended. Comments will be responded to in writing, and the Draft EIR will then be revised as necessary, with the Final EIR being certified by the decision-making body as determined by the UC Board of Regents. The Draft EIR can be viewed at http://campusplanning.ucsf.edu/ .   Appendices to the Draft EIR can be viewed here

Final Environmental Impact Report


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