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Congratulations to UCSF’s David Julius, recipient of the 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his work on the neuroscience of pain! One of Julius’ drivers has been the need for new drugs that could effectively treat pain without the side effects and addictive potential of opioid drugs.
📸: David Julius (right) hugs colleague Sandy Johnson during a celebration for Julius. Swipe left to see more from the celebration and join us in congratulating Julius in the comments below. Photos by Noah Berger.
#UCSF #UCSFProud #BreakthroughPrize #Neuroscience #Science“That was the one time I’ve ever seen my mom cry.” -UCSF’s pharmacy student Hanna Yakubi as she reflected on college graduation. Born to Afghan refugees who fled the Soviet War in the ‘80s to seek a safer life in the US, Hanna’s college experience was especially meaningful for her mom, who never got the chance because the family could not afford to send her to school along with her brothers. .
Without family members who had walked the path before her, Hanna learned how to find mentors and ask for help when she needed it. Being the trailblazer in her family means she can be that support for her younger sister, who is a rising sophomore in college. “Every mistake that I make, or every rough patch I hit, is one less rough patch for her, because there will be someone there to guide her,” she said. .
Join us in recognizing UCSF’s first-gen students whose grit and resilience will pave the way for others in the community. . 📸: Susan Merrell .
#UCSF #UCSFBackToSchool #FirstGeneration #STEM #Science #FirstGenUCSF #meded #highered #backtoschool #firstgen“When you’re the first person [in your family to go to college], there’s a lot of fear and apprehension that comes with it and there’s a lot of low self-esteem, just being in denial, like I can’t do this, there’s no freaking way.”
UCSF medical student Annie Hoang isn’t just the first in her family to attend college – she’s the first to go to school at all. Coming from a low-income family and attending a public high school with a 50% graduation rate, Annie thought college was a far-fetched dream. Yet, her guidance counselor believed in her and encouraged her to apply for college. Annie was accepted to Yale with a full scholarship for her undergrad studies.
Her advice to other first-gen students? “Be bold. You may feel like you have to stay behind and sacrifice your own education to take care of family – sometimes you just have to be bold, go with your gut in terms of the decision that you have made and go forward for yourself.”
Join us in recognizing UCSF’s first-gen students whose grit and resilience will pave the way for others in the community. .
📸: Susan Merrell
#UCSF #UCSFBackToSchool #FirstGeneration #STEM #Science #FirstGenUCSF #meded #highered #backtoschool #firstgen“Oftentimes being a first-gen student is cast in a negative light, as if we are missing something because we are the first to go to college. Instead, I think that first-gen students have so much to offer, from our resourcefulness and tenacity coming from having to do so much on our own to the fresh and different ways that we look at societal issues. Being first-gen isn’t a burden, it’s a strength!”
UCSF nurse practitioner student @gonnabefrank remembers feeling guilty for moving across the country for college and the challenges of navigating college on his own “through trial and error.” But whether Frank's studying abroad, juggling lab and field research, or dedicating his time to various leadership and volunteer roles at school, he knows that his family will always be there rooting for him.
Join us in giving a hats-off to our first-gen students whose grit and resilience pave the way for others in the community!
📸: Susan Merrell
#UCSF #UCSFBackToSchool #FirstGeneration #STEM #Science #FirstGenUCSF #meded #highered #backtoschool #firstgenWords of wisdom from a UCSF alum:⁣
"back to school?⁣⁣⁣⁣
starting school?⁣⁣⁣⁣
applying to school?⁣⁣⁣
studying for finals?⁣⁣
studying for boards?⁣⁣
excited/nervous/mixed feelings?⁣⁣⁣⁣
take a deep breath⁣⁣⁣⁣
prioritize your needs⁣⁣
make a plan but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to it⁣⁣
cry, laugh, sleep & eat when you need to⁣
focus on building discipline rather than relying on motivation⁣
picture your end goal. pull it up when you need an extra push⁣
look-if this sh!t was easy, everyone would be doing it⁣⁣⁣⁣
eventually you will...⁣⁣⁣
get into the program⁣⁣✔️⁣
get a job⁣✔️⁣
pass that class⁣✔️⁣
pass your boards✔️⁣
look back on these days and be damn grateful⁣⁣🙌🏼⁣
Thank you to Kaitlyn B (@katybpnp), a class of 2019 alumna of the UCSF Masters Entry Program in Nursing, for sharing this with us!⁣
#ucsfbacktoschool #ucsf #meded #ucsfproud #ucsffamily #highered #nursing @ucsfnurse“It isn't my own achievement, but rather [my family’s] lifelong support and care that enabled me to become a first-gen student. To me, it signifies that you aren’t bound to the conditions you were born into. Though it takes time, a crazy amount of grit, and perhaps many generations, you can make great strides towards change and a better life.”
Raised by a single parent in a low-income household, @victoriakcheung grew up without the resources that many of her peers took for granted. In high school, she’d stay late at the public library to do homework because her family couldn’t afford internet access. When applying for programs to help underprivileged students in college, she couldn’t give a phone number for the interview because she didn’t own a phone. She fell in love with science but often struggled with imposter syndrome. Today, Victoria is a Ph.D. student studying neuroscience at UCSF.

Join us in recognizing UCSF’s first-gen students whose grit and resilience will pave the way for others in the community. 📸: Susan Merrell

#UCSF #UCSFBackToSchool #FirstGeneration #STEM #Science #FirstGenUCSF☀️During a rare sunny day on our Parnassus campus, UCSFers took a well-deserved break to play cornhole and enjoy frosty treats outside the @ucsflibrary.

Thank you to the @ucsfcampuslifeservices Wellness & Community team for bringing some summer fun to our frequently foggy campus!

Recognize any of these UCSFers? Tag them in the comments!

#ucsf #ucsflife #summer #campuslifeSummer in The City 🌁: It would hardly be a summer day in San Francisco without @karlthefog rolling off the ocean and enveloping the Parnassus campus and Mount Sutro.
#ucsf #sanfrancisco #summer #karlthefog #fog #fogstagram #fogust
📸: Susan MerrellIn an exoskeleton that looks like mechanical armor, 12-year-old Dilan Horwitz could be mistaken for a superhero — an assessment that wouldn’t be entirely wrong.
A year ago, Dilan was a gifted sixth grader and the star catcher on his Little League team — with a seemingly minor nut allergy. While on a family vacation in Croatia, he collapsed after an apparent allergic reaction. He had stopped breathing within minutes.
At a nearby hospital, an MRI revealed that oxygen deprivation had resulted in severe brain damage. Dilan was transported straight from Croatia to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, where he spent two months in daily physical, speech, and occupational therapy.
That therapy included regular sessions in the exoskeleton, a wearable robot equipped with computerized sensors and motors. The technology helps patients relearn how to coordinate their movements, which is important for Dilan, who now struggles to control his body.
Back home in Fremont, Dilan has emerged with a new ambition: to become a physical therapist. “It’s possible I might not be a professional baseball player,” he jokes.
📸 by Elena Zhukova

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