Fostering Innovation and Collaboration


Develop innovative, collaborative approaches for education, health care and research that span disciplines within and across the health sciences.


Design novel interdisciplinary and interschool approaches in education, research and health care delivery.


Ensure that students and trainees are immersed in a culture that embraces interdisciplinary, interprofessional and transdisciplinary educational programs.

The world is now in an era of scientific discovery and application where it is imperative that health sciences professionals interact with and draw upon the skills and knowledge base of experts in many disciplines. As a campus devoted exclusively to health sciences, UCSF has an enormous opportunity to be at the forefront of interdisciplinary education. By working collaboratively to create interdisciplinary courses and learning experiences, UCSF and its faculty can become simultaneously innovative, effective and efficient.

Strengthen collaborative research interactions across UCSF.

The future of health research is increasingly focused on bringing together teams of experts from a variety of disciplines to tackle major health issues. UCSF, already known for its spirit of collaboration, is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge. UCSF must address the challenges posed by the geographic separation of major campus sites and longstanding operating procedures to realize its full collaborative potential.

Develop and export new models of team-based, interdisciplinary care.

UCSF is the home of four of the best health professional schools in the world. Faculty and students in these schools should leverage their expertise by exploring new ways to collaborate in patient care. UCSF has pioneered the development of thematic interdisciplinary research, and it is uniquely poised to transform the provision of patient care to capitalize on the expertise and perspectives of all of the health professionals at UCSF.