Recent articles by Camille Mojica Rey

New UCSF Program Provides Link Between Basic and Clinical Sciences Training

June 30, 2008
UCSF has a long tradition of top-notch graduate programs in the basic biological sciences and, in recent decades, has built one of the best clinical research programs in the country. With its preeminence in these disciplines, UCSF is poised to be at the forefront of the emerging field of molecular medicine, an interdisciplinary field where the best of basic science is applied to disease-related problems.

Creating Campus Core Research Facilities: Trying to Stay Ahead of Technological Curve

October 26, 2007
Campus leaders are looking at how UCSF can offer advanced, innovative instrumentation and/or specialized services in core research facilities that are available to all researchers.

UCSF Helps Local Parents, Students Plan for College

July 24, 2007
UCSF recently invited parents to learn how to help their children prepare academically and financially for college.

Turnaround Program Gives Practical Advice on Career Advancement

July 23, 2007
One of the ways that UCSF helps to provide a supportive work environment for staff is by offering mentoring opportunities, such as the Turnaround Program.

Caring for Women of all Ages with Incontinence

June 07, 2007
UCSF urogynecologist Sharon Knight, MD, recently returned from Niger, where she treated women with an extreme form of incontinence.

UCSF Works to Expand Interprofessional Education

April 26, 2007
Educators from the schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy are working together in novel ways to bring interprofessional experiences to their students' curricula.

Pioneering Fetal Treatment Center Unveils Online Consultation

April 25, 2007
Now anyone with an internet connection can benefit from the advice of fetal treatment specialists at UCSF Children's Hospital.

Kavita Mishra: Following her Family's Footsteps into Medicine

October 27, 2006
Kavita Mishra vividly remembers the Algerian motorcycle accident victim she met while volunteering at a hospital in Madrid. "A large portion of his brain and skull was gone, but he could still speak four languages," Mishra, 23, recalls. The incident became a turning point in her life.

Center for Health and Community: Addressing Issues that Affect Public Health

October 26, 2006
For eight years, UCSF's Center for Health and Community has fostered education, research and service aimed at understanding how health impacts the community.

UCSF School of Dentistry's Post Baccalaureate Program: Giving Students a Second Chance

June 02, 2006
In one of the first programs of its kind, UCSF has helped a total of 80 students get a second chance at dental school.