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October 21, 2004
The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has denied nearly every charge in a United States Department of Agriculture Complaint served last month alleging violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
October 20, 2004
The eighth annual Susan G. Komen Foundation "local hero" award for 2004 has been given to UCSF surgeon Shelley Hwang, MD, for her outstanding contribution in the fight against breast cancer.
October 20, 2004
WHEN: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday, October 23 WHERE: Saunders Court, UCSF, 513 Parnassus Avenue—follow signs from the lobby. WHAT: 40th Anniversary of UCSF Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery - one of the nation’s first NICUs. WHO:  Nurses, doctors and staff reunite with the babies whose lives they saved and the parents who spent the first part of their children’s lives at their bedsides in the high-tech world of intensive care. ## Media are Invited to Cover:
October 18, 2004
A major barrier to access to care for HIV/AIDS patients in resource limited settings -- the lack of trained healthcare providers -- is now eased with the launch of an internet-based clinical training resource database.
October 18, 2004
## Events * Saturday, November 6 DEEP CANYON: A WOMAN’S JOURNEY TO THE EDGE AND BACK: The UCSF Center for Gender Equity presents a benefit performance for Healing Journeys and the “Cancer as a Turning Point” conferences. $25 at the door or in advance. 8:00 p.m. UCSF Medical Sciences Bldg., Cole Hall, 513 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco. Reservations are recommended by calling Healing Journeys at 1-800-423-9882.
October 18, 2004
Six UCSF faculty members were elected Monday (October 18) to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, considered one of the highest honors in the fields of medicine and health.
October 15, 2004
A brain protein already known to play a central role in the "feast or fast" signaling that controls the urge to eat has now been found to influence appetite in a second way. The discovery identifies a potential new target for drugs against obesity.
October 13, 2004
A mystery long associated with Huntington's disease has been resolved by a team of researchers at the UCSF-affiliated Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease, ...
October 01, 2004
* WHEN: 1:15 to 2:15 pm, Friday, October 1 * WHERE: UCSF Children’s Hospital, 505 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco, in Moffitt Cafe on the hospital’s second floor. * WHAT: Kickoff of the 2004 Macy’s Holiday Tree fundraiser for UCSF Children’s Hospital, featuring Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, SF Police Chief Heather Fong, representatives from Macy’s West, young UCSF patients and members of the cast of the Lion King.
September 29, 2004
Funding over five years will further expert's research into HIV/AIDS