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November 08, 2000
The American Cancer Society and the University of California, San Francisco have teamed up to present Healing Choices, Bridging Communities 2000, the first major forum in California to address commonalties between breast and prostate cancer.
November 06, 2000
A study undertaken for the Food and Drug Administration to assess the safety of popular dietary supplements containing ephedra concludes that these products can pose severe health risks and even kill some people...
November 06, 2000
A University of California, San Francisco epidemiologist will chair the newly-created Veterans Affairs National Research Advisory Council (NRAC), which will give external consultation and review to senior administrators on the VA’s research effort.
November 01, 2000
The University of California, San Francisco and UCSF AIDS researcher James O. Kahn, MD, strongly rejected claims made in a press statement issued Tuesday (October 31) by a company that attempted to block publication of an important AIDS research study. Kahn cited numerous inaccuracies in the company statement.
October 31, 2000
Researchers led by University of California, San Francisco and Harvard School of Public Health are reporting the largest randomized trial among HIV-1 infected persons conducted during the 1990s.
October 31, 2000
While private industry involvement in academic research continues to grow rapidly, universities struggle to prevent potential conflicts of interest without clear guidelines for defining or managing financial conflicts...
October 27, 2000
A Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers will be given to Eric Huang, MD, PhD, assistant professor of pathology at the University of California, San Francisco, and pathologist at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. Huang will visit the White House October 24 to receive the award in recognition of his promising research on the molecules that allow neurons to grow and survive.
October 27, 2000
A popular herbal supplement used by prostate cancer patients has been found to significantly reduce prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels -- a protein in the blood that often indicates prostate cancer...
October 26, 2000
HIV prevention resources are not allocated in the most cost-effective fashion say researchers at the UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS).
October 24, 2000
UCSF-led scientists have determined that under certain conditions the Ras oncogene, a key culprit in many cancers, suppresses the function of the p53 tumor-suppressor gene...