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November 19, 2000
Scientists have known for decades that poverty leads to higher rates of illness and mortality. More recent research led by UCSF faculty has shown that these effects don't end at the poverty line. In fact, health improves at each step of the social ladder.
November 16, 2000
UCSF researchers have exposed a single protein that can stimulate the maturation of the synapses, or junctures, through which nerve cells communicate a key signal to one another.
November 15, 2000
Too frequently, clinicians feel lost and out of place caring for dying patients. They often fear that recognizing the imminence of death may minimize a patient's hope...
November 14, 2000
A treatment commonly used by dermatologists to get rid of facial wrinkles may also help migraine sufferers, a UCSF researcher has reported.
November 13, 2000
A drug commonly used during invasive heart procedures not only helps maintain blood flow through the large blood vessels that have been enlarged during the procedure, but also preserves blood flow through the smaller blood vessels downstream that may become blocked by debris.
November 08, 2000
In findings that could lead to a new Alzheimer's disease drug, researchers at SFVAMC and University of California, San Francisco have isolated a protein fragment that nurtures brain cells, an effect that could prevent loss of brain function caused by the disease.
November 08, 2000
The American Cancer Society and the University of California, San Francisco have teamed up to present Healing Choices, Bridging Communities 2000, the first major forum in California to address commonalties between breast and prostate cancer.
November 06, 2000
A study undertaken for the Food and Drug Administration to assess the safety of popular dietary supplements containing ephedra concludes that these products can pose severe health risks and even kill some people...
November 06, 2000
A University of California, San Francisco epidemiologist will chair the newly-created Veterans Affairs National Research Advisory Council (NRAC), which will give external consultation and review to senior administrators on the VA’s research effort.
November 01, 2000
The University of California, San Francisco and UCSF AIDS researcher James O. Kahn, MD, strongly rejected claims made in a press statement issued Tuesday (October 31) by a company that attempted to block publication of an important AIDS research study. Kahn cited numerous inaccuracies in the company statement.