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November 02, 1999
Researchers led by a scientist who joined the UC San Francisco faculty last week are reporting that a genetic mutation implicated in a common form of childhood leukemia appears to occur in the womb.
October 19, 1999
A new laser that treats the full range of nearsightedness and astigmatism, recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, is available at the UCSF Vision Correction Center.
October 18, 1999
Physicians who compassionately ask patients if they are being physically abused can provide the first step in helping battered victims get the help they need, according to a UC San Francisco study.
October 13, 1999
Preventing lung cancer is easier than curing it, and any barriers that inhibit blacks from full access to care must be removed, emphasize two doctors at the University of California , San Francisco.
October 13, 1999
Combining the efforts of children's cancer treatment programs nationwide, a randomized clinical trial of 539 children has shown that two innovative treatments, taken together, offer nearly a three-fold improvement in the disease-free survival of children...
October 12, 1999
A series of political defeats, declines in campaign contributions and a recent falloff in revenue appear to signal an erosion of tobacco industry influence in California, even though the industry remains a major political force in the state...
October 04, 1999
In experiments with laboratory mice, a team of American, Canadian and Italian researchers have discovered a cause and potential treatment for painful colitis and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease.
September 07, 1999
Findings from a UC San Francisco survey of older Californians ages 45-70, show one in five retired early (before age 50) and almost half of those early retirees left their jobs for health reasons.
September 01, 1999
Current cholesterol guidelines can prevent a significant proportion of deaths and recurrent heart attacks in people with existing heart disease, according to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.
September 01, 1999
Scientists have identified the first genetic defect linked to insulin resistance, a precursor to most of the 15 million cases of adult diabetes in the United States...