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August 10, 2000
Young women who have an advance provision of emergency contraception are more likely to use it when they need it, but its availability does not appear to increase risky sexual behavior, according to a new study by University of California, San Francisco researchers.
August 10, 2000
Women who have undergone a hysterectomy have a substantially higher risk of developing urinary incontinence later in life compared to women who have not had a hysterectomy, according to a University of California, San Francisco study.
August 10, 2000
UCSF researchers have identified the protein that transports the chemical signal to the neurotransmitter glutamate's launch site in nerve cells, offering a possible new target for treating such diseases as Alzheimer's disease.
August 09, 2000
A new job education program in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley will reach a milestone this Friday, August 11, when its first class is graduated in a special ceremony. Called HealthTech/Gateway to Health Careers, the program is designed for unemployed and low-income adults of the Visitacion Valley neighborhood and focuses on training in health technology fields, career counseling, and job placement.
August 07, 2000
Two University of California, San Francisco breast cancer advocates will climb the legendary Mt. Fuji in mid-August as part of the national Breast Cancer Fund’ s campaign to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. Both women, Helen Louise (H.L) Ittner and Elisa (Bambi) Schwartz, have intensely personal reasons for wanting to make the trek up the revered, volcanic mountain in Japan that stretches more than 12,000 feet into the sky.
August 01, 2000
The UCSF Center for Health and Community (CHC) will officially be launched at an inaugural symposium on Thursday, September 14 with the help of the nation’s top doctor, Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD. The theme of the event is “Surgeon General’s Warning: Social Disparities Are Hazardous to Your Health.” “This symposium provides a forum to examine why marked health disparities persist in the United States,” said Nancy Adler, PhD, director of the Center for Health and Community.
August 01, 2000
UCSF Medical Center is offering a screening test for early detection of lung cancer, a disease that claims about 157,000 lives in the United States each year—more than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined.
July 31, 2000
Women who undergo Pap smear tests to screen for cervical cancer one, two or three years after having had normal test results had about the same low rate of significant cellular abnormalities, a University of California, San Francisco study has found.
July 27, 2000
Scientists have shown for the first time that pure prion proteins can trigger normal proteins to change shape and become infectious.
July 24, 2000
A five-year $900,000 study to determine how best to prevent childhood dental caries (tooth decay) at the UCSF School of Dentistry Comprehensive Oral Health Research Center of Discovery has been funded by the National Institutes of Health.  More than 400 young patients from six months to three years old will be seen at clinics located at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center Family Dental Center and the Chinatown Public Health Center, according to Jane Weintraub, DDS, MPH, UCSF’s Lee Hysan professor of dentistry.