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September 09, 2005
Here's the take-home lesson from Hurricane Katrina: Personal preparedness is key to surviving a major disaster.
September 09, 2005
Faculty, students and staff are doing what they can to raise funds for relief efforts in the Gulf Coast states damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
September 09, 2005
A strong consensus emerged from today's final meeting of the Blue Ribbon Committee on San Francisco General Hospital's Future Location that the hospital should be rebuilt at the Potrero Avenue campus site.
September 08, 2005
UCSF doctoral student Pamela Foreman, a registered nurse with experience in providing disaster relief and leadership amid chaos, left for Louisiana on Monday.
September 07, 2005
The University will contribute to a massive humanitarian relief effort on the Gulf Coast, UC President Dynes said recently.
September 06, 2005
UCTV will present a four-part series on disaster preparedness for primary care providers beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 7.
September 02, 2005
As the crisis unfolds following Hurricane Katrina, the campus community is answering the national call to action.
September 02, 2005
Chancellor Mike Bishop sent an email message to the campus community on Friday saying UCSF will coordinate medical volunteers to help in the Gulf Coast region.
August 31, 2005
The University appointed a longtime UC administrator to head the new science and math initiative, which will begin to enroll students this school year.
August 30, 2005
UCSF Transportation Services is not immune to the pain at the pump, as gas prices hit new highs this summer.