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November 16, 2009
UCSF is taking the lead on a broad range of global health projects and partnerships aimed at improving health throughout the world.
September 22, 2009
Global health expert George Rutherford recently described parallels between the Spanish flu of 1918 and the latest H1N1 virus, including surprising prevalence among healthy young adults.
August 20, 2009
For 10 months, Timothy Poore will study HIV/AIDS in India as part of a highly competitive scholarship program promoting global health.
July 29, 2009
Seven students who devoted the past year to understanding and improving global health have become the country’s first to obtain a master of science degree in the field.
June 15, 2009
The 20-year-old San Francisco Injury Center, located at San Francisco General Hospital, has established itself as a local, national and international leader in injury treatment and prevention.
May 19, 2009
An effort led by UCSF’s Richard L. Abbott has prompted the Chinese government to adopt national standards for eye care—the first time China has mandated practice guidelines for any medical specialty.