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October 16, 2000
Beginning Monday October 16, The Glide Health Clinic will expand its services to include a special clinic session that will offer complementary care therapies to the homeless and disenfranchised of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.
October 16, 2000
UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center basic scientists and clinical researchers have received a highly coveted grant from the National Cancer Institute that they say will fuel their ongoing mission to methodically and aggressively move in on prostate cancer.
October 10, 2000
A recent study of San Francisco Bay Area physicians reports on successful intervention techniques for victims of domestic violence.
October 05, 2000
A team of scientists at the University of California, San Francisco and Compugen, Ltd. has discovered a new molecule of the immune system -- a member of a family of proteins called chemokines which recruit the body's army of defensive immune cells to sites of invasion.
October 04, 2000
The UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center is enrolling patients for three clinical trials to investigate a new treatment for kidney cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma. The trials aim is to determine if early immune cells, called stem cells, can be collected and transferred from a patient’s sibling into the patient to attack the cancer.
October 03, 2000
The University of California, San Francisco Audiology Clinic will launch new research in October to study the world’s first disposable hearing aids, costing about $40 and lasting approximately 40 days.
October 01, 2000
University of California San Francisco researchers may have discovered why the experimental anti-cancer drug Onyx-015 works more broadly than had been expected...
September 28, 2000
Cardiopulmonary (CPR) training can relieve stress for parents and improve survival outcomes for infants at high risk for cardiopulmonary arrest, a new study has found.
September 25, 2000
A team led by a University of California, San Francisco scientist has developed drug-like inhibitors to study vital signaling molecules essential for almost all cell activity.
September 20, 2000
Jeffrey A. Bluestone, PhD, one of the world's leading experts on why the body's immune system rejects or tolerates transplanted tissue, has been appointed to a new professorship at the University of California, San Francisco devoted to diabetes research.