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UCSF Invests in Technologies for Core Research Facilities

August 16, 2012 The UCSF Office of Research is launching a $2 million equipment award program for technology proposals that expand and improve access to core research facilities.

UCSF Begins Long-Range Planning About its Future Through to 2030

October 14, 2011 For most people, the year 2030 is too remote to contemplate. But it is very much on the minds of those involved in shaping the future of UCSF.

University, State, Local Officials to Celebrate Opening of UCSF Stem Cell Building

February 03, 2011 University, state and local officials, philanthropists and community leaders will celebrate the opening of an architecturally unique stem cell building, a milestone in the history of UCSF’s pioneering stem cell research program.

UCSF Sets First-Year Hiring Goal of 20 Percent for New Hospital Project at Mission Bay

January 28, 2011 UCSF is voluntarily committing to an ambitious goal for its new medical center at Mission Bay to hire a workforce averaging at least 20 percent San Francisco residents during the first year of the project.