UCSF 2.0: A Landscape of Possibilities

UCSF Sets Future Vision for Innovation Through Inclusive Planning Process

As UC San Francisco marks 150 years since its start as a medical college, the University is looking ahead at how it will continue to lead the next revolutions in health, education and science.

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Creating Transformative Partnerships 

UCSF has actively increased its partnerships in the past few years to accelerate innovation and discovery. 

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Bringing Precision to the Full Spectrum of Health

One of the major themes to emerge in the UCSF 2.0 planning initiative is for UCSF to lead the field of precision medicine.

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Converting Data to Knowledge and Action

UCSF scientists and clinicians are working on many projects to convert data into practical research and advances in health care.

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Reinventing Learning and Education

Many of the ideas to reinvent learning and education specified in the UCSF 2.0 planning initiative were discussed during the recent medical school retreat.

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Improving Community Health

With a long tradition of working to improve the health of the community, UCSF is addressing health issues important to San Francisco today.

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UCSF 2.0: Story Archives

Read previous stories about UCSF 2.0, a multi-year effort to identify opportunities to transform education, research and health care by engaging the community in an ongoing conversation.

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