2013: The Year in Review at UCSF

Top 8 Trends in the Health Sciences for 2014

It's been a year full of exciting breakthroughs, expansions and initiatives at UC San Francisco as we continue to make our mark as the leading university focused exclusively on health.

From earning top U.S. News rankings to convening a national summit on precision medicine to establishing a new $60 million endowment for biomedical science PhD students, UCSF has a lot to celebrate.

But at a place like this, researchers and clinicians are always looking ahead: What areas of research are heating up in 2014? How will patients access health care differently in the coming year? 

We asked experts across UCSF to identify what's next in digital health, basic science research, cancer treatments, health care access and a number of other key areas. Judging by their answers, it will be an exciting year that could lead to more precise, effective and even preventive treatment of human diseases.

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