The Plan

A Message From the Chancellor

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in June 2007 released the UCSF Strategic Plan, the first-ever campuswide vision for the future with specific recommendations to guide its global leadership in health sciences.

The strategic plan — the product of a highly inclusive process — calls for making improvements across UCSF’s fourfold mission of patient care, education, health sciences research and public service. It recommends building upon UCSF’s strengths as a world-renowned academic health center in part by expanding opportunities for translational research, fostering patient-centered care, and advancing interdisciplinary collaboration and global health.

While pointing toward new directions to bolster UCSF’s highly ranked academic and clinical enterprise, the plan does not drastically alter the University’s future course or put it in uncharted territory. Rather, it defines an ambitious action plan that UCSF hopes to achieve in the years to come.

Read the UCSF Strategic Plan

Representing a milestone in its 143-year history, UCSF completed its first-ever campuswide strategic plan, which charts the University’s course as a global leader in health sciences over the next two decades.

The strategic plan that follows is a great testimony to the collaborative culture of the campus community and its collective wisdom on how UCSF can fulfill its mission of advancing health worldwide.

About the Plan

Discover how and why the UCSF Strategic Plan was developed, and find out who was part of the collaborative effort that created it.