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The 2010 Report

"The Power and Promise of UCSF," the University's first economic impact report since 2003, was released in November 2010. 

This report details the far-reaching economic impact and effect of UCSF. Standing as the fifth largest employer in the nine-county Bay Area — and the second largest in San Francisco, second only to the city itself — the university has proven itself essential to the economy of the state. This report examines the local, state-wide and national impact of UCSF, while outlining the future plans of the leading life sciences university.

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Innovation & Discovery

UCSF continues as a center of innovation, and its vast research enterprise is one of the largest and most productive in the country, with outcomes that have significantly improved human health.

A Center of Biotech Industry

Clinical Enterprise & Patients

Among UCSF’s most significant contributions to San Francisco are its highly rated health care services provided by the nation’s leading experts in virtually all specialties.

Employment & Economic Stimulus

With 21,900 employees, UCSF is San Francisco’s second-largest employer (behind only the city and county itself) and the Bay Area’s fifth-largest.

Industry Partnerships

In the past two years, UCSF has revamped and streamlined its approach to industry partnerships to help move research from the laboratory to clinical trials and patient treatment.


Education, Training & Outreach

At its core, UCSF remains an institution of higher learning, a place where the future leaders in life sciences and the health professions get their education and training.


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