UCSF plays a prominent role in the City and County of San Francisco. With 21,900 employees, UCSF is San Francisco’s second-largest employer (behind only the city and county itself) and the Bay Area’s fifth-largest. These jobs span the professional spectrum in growing areas of the economy. More than half of these employees live in San Francisco, keeping their salaries and investments in the city. When including indirect jobs, such as those providing goods and services to employees, UCSF is responsible for 30,300 jobs, or 5.6 percent of the total San Francisco employment. By comparison, the entire financial services industry—one of San Francisco’s oldest and largest sectors—comprises 5 percent of all city employment, effectively making UCSF an industry unto itself.

UCSF generates $4.9 million in direct revenues to the City and County of San Francisco’s general fund, for a positive net impact of more than $720,000. That does not count the intangible benefits that UCSF brings, such as biotech companies locating in San Francisco to be near UCSF, or the more than 90 biomedical companies spun off or started by UCSF researchers.

In addition, UCSF has a 134-year affiliation with San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH), the city’s public safety-net hospital and its only Level I trauma center, which serves the most vulnerable populations, including the uninsured, underinsured, working families, and the homeless. SFGH is staffed by more than 2,000 UCSF physicians and allied health care professionals from all four UCSF schools, who work alongside 3,500 city employees. SFGH also is an important training ground for future health care professionals and researchers.

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