Overview of Government Relations

UCSF’s Government Relations serves as a liaison to elected and appointed officials at the federal, state and local level to promote UCSF’s research, education, patient care and public services activities in City Hall, Sacramento and Washington, D.C. UCSF’s Government Relations staff:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with elected officials, their staff and various departments and agencies
  • Invite elected officials to campus and UCSF Medical Center for policy briefings and to serve as speakers and guests at special events
  • Advocate the UC and UCSF position on proposed legislation at the state and federal level
  • Provide information to elected officials and their staff on the impact of proposed legislation on UCSF and the UCSF Medical Center
  • Promote UCSF’s research, patient care and policy agenda with agencies and elected officials.
  • Coordinate meetings for UCSF faculty and senior leadership with elected officials and agency representatives

Local Government Relations

Local Government Relations serves as UCSF’s primary liaison to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the Mayor’s office, the Health Commission, and various other civic commissions and departments.  More

State Government Relations

State Government Relations:

  • advances the interests of UCSF in the Legislature, Governor’s office, and state agencies
  • increases the university and medical center’s participation in the development of public policy
  • advocates in support of the University of California’s legislative and budgetary issues, especially by engaging various constituent groups to advocate in support of UCSF in the California Legislature


Federal Government Relations

Federal Government Relations serves as a liaison between UCSF and members of Congress, their staff, and executive branch agencies to promote research, patient care, education, and public service activities in an effort to increase federal support for the campus and UCSF Medical Center and to expand awareness of UCSF in Washington, D.C.


UCSF Advocates

UCSF faces significant budgetary and legislative challenges at the local, state, and federal levels. Therefore, we rely on UCSF alumni, donors, friends, faculty, students, and staff to advocate on behalf of UCSF to elected officials at all levels of government. With your help, we can ensure that UCSF remains a worldwide leader in education, patient care, and research. By signing up as a UCSF Advocate, you will be well informed about current issues impacting UCSF at City Hall and in Sacramento and Washington, DC. You will also be able to quickly and easily send messages describing your support for UCSF to your elected representatives. You can also join our Facebook page to receive and share updates with your friends. 

Anyone who is interested in working in partnership with Government Relations as an advocate may contact UCSF Advocates.

UCSF Advocates (UCSF's Online Advocacy Network)